January 23, 2013

10 Little Distractions

Among a number of other quirks, including the fact that I don't like overhead lighting and that I pace around the house while brushing my teeth, I am guilty of keeping too many tabs open in my web browser for way too long. Upon seeing how grave the situation really is, my friends will often gently remind me that there is such a thing as bookmarks. I just can't stand to part with the interesting little things that come my way, y'know?, and it's so nice to have them all gathered as a little puzzle for what might be on my mind on a given day or week. That said, maybe someone among you could benefit from a little distraction or ten. (You're welcome.) 

Here is a little show-and-tell of the tabs that are currently open in Google Chrome right now in addition to my Hotmail inbox (another oddity, I get it) and Facebook.

1. Sundance Film Festival's official webpage. I had the opportunity to go up to Park City with some friends on Saturday and catch the spirit of the festival. Maybe this week I can actually score tickets for a film. Any suggestions?

2. The Space Born: Mystical Poetry. If this collection really does contain "spiritual truths concerning the inner mysteries of life," the real mystery is why it's going for only $6.95. 

4. A cool article about Utah's prowess for viral YouTube videos. I'm a sucker for any features about why Utah is a cool place to live because, um, it is.

5. Wikipedia's article on letterboxing, aka my newest favorite hobby. No, seriously, I need to get in on this stat.

6. A Cracked.com feature about eccentric geniuses. Admittedly, I didn't spend time reading about any of them besides #6, the beloved Lord Byron, who turned 225 yesterday. Here is my favorite part: "It began when Byron arrived at Cambridge, where he was ordered to send his dog back home as keeping one was against school rules. Desperate for a pet, Byron scoured college policies for an animal not expressly forbidden. He found no reference to bears.

"The bear stayed with Byron in his dorm room. Being a responsible pet owner, Byron took it on regular leashed walks through the university, terrifying fellow students and lecturers. When asked by administration what purpose the bear served on campus, the poet tried in vain to get his beast a fellowship."

7. An article from BYU Studies that I haven't read yet, but it looks to be an interesting discussion of the difference between art and entertainment, especially as it applies to the Christian (particularly LDS) perception of "wholesome entertainment" and why we might be thinking about it in unhelpful ways. 

8. This pretty song brought to us by Philip, "Every one that Sleeps is Beautiful" (from a larger song cycle called The Sleepers). 

9. Neat! A free UTA Day Pass for those along the Wasatch Front who pledge to travel on a red air quality day.

10. One of my 8tracks mixes comprised of sweet little it's-evening-and-I'm-winding-down songs, a few of which pretty much bring me to tears pretty much every time. So of course I've been listening to it almost every night.

Is anyone else out there a tab hoarder? Anything interesting to share with the class? 


  1. I usually only have 3 or 4 open. If I have more that I usually go through and hit the X and clean up the clutter :)

    1. Sandy! I forgot you had a Blogger, too. I just added Clearwater Farm Journal to my sidebar :)

      I should probably take your lead and simplify my life by limiting these tabs. They are taking over.

  2. I used to always have a million tabs open until Instapaper.com changed my life. You set up an account for free, add a button to your browser, and start saving all those webpages that you never have time to get to. Once you're done reading you can archive, delete, or stick the page into a subfolder. The only catch is that you have to remember what's in there so you can periodically go through what you've saved.


    Also, I'm considering buying a bear.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Kaela! That sounds like just the service for me.

      Also, Byron would be proud of you. I know I am.