February 14, 2013

A Dozen Reasons to Love Today

1. Today was not only Valentine's Day, it was Thursday, arguably my favorite day of the week. And things got started off just right when I turned on the radio and heard Louis Armstrong singing "I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby."

2. One of my most special Valentines got me one of these. (And I've always always wanted one!!!) Right now, I can only play a shaky (and usually flat) version of "When the Saints Go Marchin' In," but I'm hoping to have a good repertoire established by summer for lots of bluesing on the porch in the eveningtimes. 

3. My mother sent me a package! With lots and lots of delicious chocolate! And I ate it for breakfast!

4. The professor for whom I am a TA got me even more chocolate! And I ate it for lunch!

5. But when I decided I wanted a little bit more of a balanced lunch, I made the obvious choice and went to Wendy's. As the boy at the window handed me my food, I wished him a "Happy Valentine's Day!" Before I could drive away, he said (a bit softly), "No one's said that to me yet today." (Okay, that's heartbreaking, but I'm glad I left him with a smile.)

6. Speaking of falling in love with strangers, I came across this tidbit from an old message to a friend:

Maybe I'm a freak, Philip, but I fall in love easily. Not like, the I-could-marry-you kind of love (that's harder to come by), but just these little moments of being in love with strangers.
Like, thank you for existing and for doing everything it took to be in this moment, looking at this painting.
This kind of disbelief and wonder at how things come together and at how people populate my life.

7. I found this note on the soap dispenser in a JFSB bathroom.

8. And as I left the office, I found myself walking behind this girl with balloons tied to her backpack.

9. I read some Mary Oliver (glorious!). And took a nap (glorious!).

10. Megan, Hilary, Tanner, and I went to visit our dear friends at the Orem Rehab Center. We had made them homemade Valentines. Some of them became teary-eyed as we gave them the cards and sang hymns. It was a sweet occasion.

11. More chocolate! Namely, a chocolate milkshake at Smash Burger, the Valentine tradition with the gang. (Doing something twice makes it a tradition, right?) 

12. Bonus! This sweet little song that's playing on repeat as my day of love winds down.

I hope all you lovers and dreamers had just as good a day as mine, or even half as good. But if you didn't, bear in mind that now I'm going to be up all night editing the first chapter of my thesis. None of my Valentines, sweet as they are, opted to give me a completed master's thesis for the occasion.

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