February 7, 2013

Love & Jazz (which are basically the same thing)

Confession: I guess I'm kind of way into Valentine's Day now.

So if you're feeling anything like I am and you want to spend this coming week in a chocolate-induced coma, covered in glitter, reading love poems and doing the foxtrot with Cupid through the hall and into the kitchen every morning as you wake, you might find a wonderful companion in Verve's For Lovers series (all available on Spotify for free or at Amazon if you want to give one as a Valentine, awwwww!).

Look at all that delicious jazz music! My most highly-recommended for this Valentiney week (and all the weeks, really) would be the following:

1. Astrud Gilberto

2. Bill Evans
3. Ella & Louis
4. Paris
5. Oscar Peterson

And probably the Stan Getz and bossa nova thrown in there for good measure because, let's face it, every day is a bossa nova day.

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